The age of the Tequila Samba

The Elizabethan Madrigal Singers of the ‘Noughties’ established new traditions, including fancy dress parties at Gregynog and performances at the Coopers Arms (Y Cwps). Perhaps most significant was the broadening of the repertoire with a songs such as the Tequila Samba that are well suited to the youthful voices of the choir.




The choir continued to travel extensively in the Noughties; from Iceland (2006) to the soft sandy beaches of the Seychelles (2004). Great cities of Europe were also visited including Strasbourg (2003), Prague (2005), Budapest (2007), Lisbon (2008) and Stockholm (2009).

Read the 2006 Iceland tour diary


The suggestions for a Mads logo during the 2000s were numerous! See some of them here

It was in 2007 that consistency was found once again with the commissioning with the current Mads logo.


The Cwps

In the summer of 2006 Mads gave its first concert in the Coopers Arms (Y Cwps), starting a tradition that has continued to the present day.

Click here to see a Youtube video of the Mads in the Cwps, December 2008

Mads in the media

When Mads weren't going on tour or taking part in competitions, they found time to make the headlines as this article demonstrates... And like any good story, why spoil it with the facts!

Mads Memories

Katherine Hamley, President of Mads in 2000, reflects on her memories of the 50th anniversary celebrations:

“I remember looking at all the past members , seeing how much they were enjoying themselves and how much Mads meant to them still and felt touched to be part of that group and that history. I was proud to be president and to be able to speak to everyone on behalf of the then current choir.”

Gareth Tomos recalls the hard work that went into preparing for the Musica Sacra Praga festival, despite numerous temptations...

“Rehearsals were known to last until even midnight. Even the drinkers in the choir were adamant that we kept practising until we got the Czech Madrigals right... I'd never imagined that students would be that conscientious about singing when there are bars and clubs waiting!”